About Inner Peace Treatment Centre

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final pic 300x171 - About UsThe Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Centre is a residential program, with separate homes for women and men, that is run by the registered non-profit: Inner Peace (NPO 092 704), which is led by a volunteer board of directors. A full staff of registered clinical therapists, addiction counselors, auxiliary social workers, students (auxiliary social work students, psychology and social work students) and an in-house nurse with accessibility to the best doctors and psychiatrists, who provide the best addiction treatment available.

For those who are in need of detoxification from heroin, alcohol, pain medications, sleeping tablets and tranquilisers, referrals can be made to a registered in-house detox facility or hospital. Upon completion of detoxification, admission can be arranged for residential support at Inner Peace.

Once completed the In-patient treatment we find a safe environment for our clients to return back into society, this could be a secondary safe facility or if the clients return home we would have integrated them back into their home environment – please see our family section on how we work with the families.