Amelia’s blog – part 5

I am moving up to FRASERBURG – this is going to be MY home for the foreseeable future – if not forever, then the next few years.this is where I need to be. This is a LIFE saving decision. No debate. No more SOUL searching or questions to be asked. I have the answers i need.and life now seems simpler knowing that this is my future life plan and purpose. My furniture is coming up from storage in Cape Town, a unit I  have been keeping my worldly belongings in since my husband and myself sold my Woodstock home in 2016, the year the wheels came off.after the sale of my home and the break down of my marriage, and I started to use GHB. So actually this is a deep relief – finally I am able to find an anchor in this world after being rudderless since the sale of my Woodstock home in May 2016,the HOME I had owned WITH MY husband – a loss, although caused by my actions and decisions, – a loss I have never been able to come to terms with, and have continued to muse over. So, in fact,  an anchor once again in this world, HERE in FRASERBURG. I realise it IS a crucial step in MY healing from my substance use disorder, and me being able to manage it. This is all part of a bigger plan that is coming TOGETHER. I didn’t come to Inner Peace by coincidence. I didn’t meet Johan and Joan,the directors here by mistake. In the AA Big Book of Alcoholics anonymous IT states that NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, HAPPENS IN GOD’S WORLD BY MISTAKE. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE. THIS IS NOT COINCIDENCE. THIS IS, IF THERE IS A GOD, PART OF GOD’S PLAN. THIS I KNOW WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING. MY ORIGINAL INTENTION WHEN I WANTED TO COME TO THE KAROO TOWN OF FRASERBURG WAS TO BE ABLE TO WALK FREELY DOWN THE STREET WITHOUT BEING TAUNTED BY GHB. HERE I AM NOT TAUNTED BY MY DEMONS.

Amelia SB