The Term Reconation – Part 2

Inner Peace provides evidence-based addiction treatment, with Moral Reconation Therapy or MRT at the core. In order to understand what this Programme is, it is important to understand the terms. This video is the Second Part (from YouTube), explaining the term: Reconation.

5 Star Home Away From Home Addiction Care

Inner Peace provides an environment that welcomes you the moment you walk in the door. With its old world charms, that meet the New World, set within the tranquil Karoo. There is no better place for getting #addiction #treatment or support for your #SUD (Substance Use Disorder). If you want the best and scientifically proven care, then you can’t go wrong coming to Inner Peace. Here your team will support you and your loved ones holistically, where you get to stay in a home away from home.

Currently the renovations have been completed (this means the website will have to be updated with the new pictures ), and we will be doing a series of posts on social media for everyone to get to know Inner Peace intimately. Below is a picture of the Welcoming Entrance Hall. So keep watching this space and pass on the news!

welcomingfacility 300x201 - 5 Star Home Away From Home Addiction Care

You are made welcome the moment you enter. It is a home away from home.

The Term Reconation – Part 1

With Moral Reconation Therapy being our core Evidence Based Treatment Programme, we feel it is important to share what it stands for. So enjoy this explanation of the term: Reconation Part 1 (we will break it provide it in two parts).