Community Engagement and Healing

peacefultreatment 300x178 - Community Engagement and Healing

Peaceful treatment environment for addiction – in the cold Karoo winter

Last week, Inner Peace had an amazing week! It was a week of:

  • Community engagement
  • Communion
  • Self-Reflection
  • Volunteerism
  • Prayer
  • Hiking
  • And good old fun
A2J Team in Fraserburg 300x200 - Community Engagement and Healing

The A2J Team Community Outreach Mission in Fraserburg

So let me start at the beginning…where every good tale short start. On Monday, the week start with a visit from a select few of the A2J Team (those #addicted to #jesus) who came to commune with us (those of us who are learning to manage our #substanceusedisorder or #addiction), sharing Cappuccino Sachets and Rusks (these were gratefully received as it was rather cold – considering that it is Winter in Fraserburg, where the temperature lately has been under 0 degrees Celsius every night!). This was followed by spending time getting to know each other.

The daily coming together of the Inner Peace community and outreach volunteers from A2J, really build a spirit of camaraderie and self healing. It allowed for exchanges in perceptions and experiences, through the sharing of stories, hopes and dreams – and of course a little prayer. Not only were we all blessed by the visit, but daily we were gifted with donations daily. With each days passing, it became more a coming together of a family, then of two different communities meeting together.

Inner Peace and A2J reaching the Mountain 300x200 - Community Engagement and Healing

Pilgrimage of Inner Peace and A2J members

One of the highlights, was an opportunity to be self-reflective during a pilgrimage through the Karoo. Each person got to hike, and leave their rock at the top of the mountain, allowing for change to occur within. This was a spiritual and psychological renewal. Seeing the wide open spaces of the Karoo, with the crumbling mounds and boulders from the debris of ancient volcanoes. It is humbling to be able to stand and see the endless vast beauty surrounding oneself.

No sooner had we hiked back down, and bussed back to Fraserburg, and we were all gathered again for a real #Karoo Lamb Potjie! For the vegetarians, we were spoiled with a vegetarian casserole. It was a night of fun and communion, a time out to just talk, have fun and enjoy the traditional food of the Karoo.

For the next two days we all enjoyed the ability of #volunteering and #payingitforward by assisting in painting the local community church. This was such an amazing two days, that really brought out the servant heart within each of us, as we were humbled by all that we saw and experienced.

We know, we are forever blessed and touched…an are #grateful for our extended family #A2J coming and being part of our journey in life!