How to get to Fraserburg and to reach us at Inner Peace

Fraserburg is approximately 450km north of Cape Town along the N1, and just falls within the Northen Cape. The only tarred road into Fraserburg snakes over the Nuweveldberge via the Teekloof Pass from Leeu Gamka (which lies on the N1, about midway between Beaufort West and Lainsburg). All other roads into the town are gravel, connecting Fraserburg with the distant towns of Sutherland, Loxton, Carnarvon and Williston.

Accessibility to the Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Centre is also obtainable from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and other major city centres via the following bus services: Greyhound, Intercape and Translux. These bus services pass through the town of Prince Albert, where collection can be arranged with staff members from Inner Peace.  However, it is preferred that families drive through to The Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Center, so as so support the transition process to addiction treatment, and support family healing. Staff can assist families in arranging any accommodation if needed (often at reduced rates).

Our staff is on hand to arrange and facilitate the clients arrangements to the Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Center and are always on hand to give advice and assist wherever they can.

Welcome to Fraserburg - Directions