Gratitude for Community Support and Donations

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We are so grateful to @Core_Catering for the gracious support to our non-profit organisation Inner Peace.  Our addiction rehabilitation centre, Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Centre, could not do what it needs to do without various organisations or individuals support. Core Catering, with Ravie at the Tygervalley Store, have been instrumental in assisting us in being able to feed and cater to all the residents whom we assist.

It is the small things in life that really matter! We don’t take notice of the small gestures that can change peoples lives. For us, and those who come to us for support in managing the substance use disorders, the ability to live as a family and find dignity as a human being matters! Each gift, no matter how insignificant, really can change a human beings life. And we are always finding such amazing individuals and organisations, who take time out to help and support. We cannot do this alone, and we thank you, each and every person who helps – with kind words or simple acts of kindness, financial donations etc.

When I look at the support we have, we need to thank the following organisations and individuals as well:

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Google Adwords

We are so blessed to have Funding from Google, and their Google Adwords Programme. It is the most powerful display of support by Big Technology, in supporting the work of non-profits like ourselves, in being able to connect with those who need our assistance.


Fraserburg Landboukooperasie Bpk - Gratitude for Community Support and Donations

Fraserburg Landboukooperasie Bpk Support

Another important support is the Fraserburg Landboukooperasie Bpk and its team, who have supported us in a variety of projects over the past two years. Their partnership has allowed the Fraserburg Community to enjoy the use of the revitalised Municipal Tennis Courts and so much more. We continue looking forward to our continued relationship and seeing the change within Fraserburg, as well as the people who can to Inner Peace for support.

The Hoogland Municipality has always embraced Inner Peace and welcomed us. Their continuing support is helping not only our organisation to grow, but to allow us to provide support to the community, through various projects. The integration of our centre with the Fraserburg

Karoo Hoogland Muncipality 300x58 - Gratitude for Community Support and Donations

Karoo Hoogland Muncipality Support

Community is a key component to the healing of those who come to us, and the establishment of a vibrant Fraserburg.

NG Kerk Fraserburg - Gratitude for Community Support and Donations

NG Kerk Fraserburg Partnership

If not for the Fraserburg NG Church, Inner Peace, would not be where it is today! The church community has embraced Inner Peace and who all stay within its walls, making Fraserburg a welcoming sanctuary, and a place of finding spiritual renewal. It provides a space and place of worship for those who so wish, or a voice of spreading love and care for those who are suffering from Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) and other addictions (or other mental health conditions).

We have also been embraced by the local branch of the Department of Social Development,

Social Development Northern Cape 300x81 - Gratitude for Community Support and Donations

Support from the Department of Social Development – Northern Cape

but by the district and provincial levels of DSD. The journey has been one of solid communication, and the excitement of the future potential partnership projects is something that all of us at Inner Peace are excited to engage with.

When it comes to ensuring the well being of our clients, we cannot thank VitaCare Pharmacy Plattekloof enough. The team has been a pillar of strength and efficiency. I could go on, however, this post would be endless….so for now, I would like to give a shout out from us to say thank you, and send many blessings to all above and those not yet names! Please continue you good work, an being humanitarians in supporting change in this world!


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