Inner Peace New Hope SA : Observatory

Obs1 225x300 - Inner Peace New Hope SA : ObservatoryInner Peace, after a long and successful collaboration with New Hope SA to provide rehabilitation to the homeless, have partnered together for a new project: Inner Peace New Hope, based in Observatory, Cape Town. This project will provide an extension of the primary Substance Use Disorder Rehabilitation offered at our primary facility in Fraserburg. This will insure that people have time and support, while integrating back into their families, society and work, while learning to manage their Substance Use Disorder (Addiction, Dual Disorder or Homelessness).

NewHopeSALogo - Inner Peace New Hope SA : Observatory

Without the joint support, and call for volunteers, the face-lift and renovations of the new project would not have been able to take place. This project, is the culmination of a dream for both organisations to care for the most vulnerable people in society, and bring human dignity and self-worth back to those who have had it stripped from them. New Hope SA, and their team of volunteers, are an integral component of ensuring that people who come to the home will be supported and empowered to achieve their purpose and meaning in life. For more information about the link between: Homelessness and Substance Use, visit the Homeless Hub website.