Joan Petersen

Social Worker

Joan - Joan

Joan Petersen has been the social worker at Inner Peace since November 2018. Joan graduated at Minnie Hofmeyr College with a Diploma in Social Work in November 1992. She is a single mother and has a 25 year old son. Joan also graduated in 2013 with an Honours Degree in Clinical Social Work with the University of Cape Town.

Joan has over 20 years of social work experience with 9 years in the substance use field. Joan worked in the NGO and NPO sectors inclusive of child protection; monitoring and evaluation of early childhood development facilities, substance use treatment and family re-integration services. Joan held various positions at the different organizations enhancing her knowledge and skills within the organizational structures.

Joan is currently focusing on assisting the patients and the family with the re-integration process. The re-integration back into the family and societal systems can be very challenging due to the stigmatization and labeling of both the individual and the family. During the substance use period the individual and family experience severe trauma, unsettling the family environment.

The integration process comes with education on substance use disorders and managing the recovery process after treatment. During the family intervention process families have the opportunity to express their experiences and the impact of substances on the family dynamics. The families are therefore provided with a platform for healing and recovering from the damages caused during the substance use phase. It is also an opportunity for families to reconnect and establish broken relationships.

The re-integration process is vital in the recovery process of the substance user as this help them with finding balance, meaning, purpose and value in their lives. Through the process they find hope and trust again in themselves and society.