LGBTIQA Services


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, questioning and allied (LGBTIQA) people throughout the world face discrimination, persecution and violence simply for expressing who they are and who they love. Despite the having their rights enshrined, the experiences of every LGBTIQA people in South Africa often contradicts this. Not only this, due to their being marginalised, they are at more at risk to experience physical, psychological and spiritual problems. It is thus important that specialised professional services are focused on assisting LGBTIQA in dealing with these and their related problems, such as alcohol and drug use and addictions.

Inner Peace believes in the fundamental human rights of LGBTIQA people, and the need to provide services that are sensitive to their needs.


Inner Peace provides anonymous and confidential counselling to LGBTIQA people, their friends and family. Counselling is provided to assist people in dealing with issues of: accepting ones sexuality, sexual orientation or gender; or dealing with religious and spiritual issues.

Addiction Counselling

Addiction Counselling services are focused on assisting LGBTIQA individuals, families or friends in understanding and dealing with the use of alcohol and drugs or other addictions. These sessions are held as individual or group sessions, that assist the person to understand their current situation and to develop skills to overcome it.

Outpatient Treatment

LGBTIQA sensitive Addiction Outpatient Treatment allow those that are seeking assistance to maintain their freedom of movement, which allows them to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and educational responsibilities. Because of the ability to go home after a daily or evening programme, the person is able to have a greater level of privacy and anonymity. However, these environments are, by nature, thus not able to protect the person form negatively influencing environmental factors.

These services provide a support network so that they are never alone while trying to address their challenges in life.

Sober Living Homes

LGBTIQA friendly Sober Living Homes are safe and supportive places where people who are dealing with the effects of substance use or addictions, are able to live and work on their sobriety. These homes provide counselling services and support groups, in order to assist those living in the home.


We provide comprehensive assessments, treatment planning, case management and referrals as needed for every individual. The individualised programmes are all based on the assessment, which is the most important component of trying to provide assistance. The assessment will thus ensure that those searching for support, receiving the most appropriate help.

Support Groups

Support groups provide a wonderful source guidance, assistance, encouragement and support while dealing with a wide range of issues. Feel free to contact us at Inner Peace, to see if we have or are aware of any support groups dealing with your situation.

If you are trying to maintain a new lifestyle, support groups can be an invaluable source of guidance, assistance, and encouragement. Groups are very helpful, not only in maintaining sobriety, but also as a safe place to get support and discuss challenge