New Recreation Centre taking shape

gymequipment2 300x169 - New Recreation Centre taking shape

Inside the current Recreation Centre, that is having a face lift

When it comes to physical activity and recreation, Inner Peace has always been committed to making sure this can happen. As part of this, we have worked with the Local Government, and been the stewards of the community Tennis Courts and Club. This has allowed us to enjoy endless practice and many fun-filled tournaments. On top of this, the linked sporting facilities have granted us the ability to always have a cricket team, that maintains the position of local champions against the Fraserburg SAPS. These are always hard-fought battles, and always well attended by the community.


received 10214216153333387 300x169 - New Recreation Centre taking shape

Our new entrance under renovation

The benefits of engaging in these sports and physical activity, have created major changes for our residents, but also for the Fraserburg community. The science has always backed the importance of engaging in physical activity to promote health, but it is also shown to have major benefits in supporting those who are trying to recover from addictions or substance use disorders. Activities such as: weight lifting, yoga, meditation and other physical activity have shown to significantly support healing.


Taking this into account, Inner Peace has searched for how it can create a recreation centre, where weight lifting, yoga and meditation can occur (along with other physical activities). As part of this drive, we have started renovating a building, that will be a site for healing, and allowing people to refocus and renew themselves. Finding joy in exercise, ad connecting with their physical bodies. Rebuilding an identity and belief in self again.

gym equipment 169x300 - New Recreation Centre taking shape

Every gym needs a wall of mirrors!

We are hoping to gain support, through donations of equipment and material to help us finish this centre. We are needing:

Rubber floor mats to protect the cement flooring




Weight machine

Rowing Machines


Stationary bicycles

Yoga mats


Miscellaneous gym equipment

We appreciate all the support you can give us, so we can continue to help those in need!


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