Inner Peace – Mission, Goals, Objectives, and Philosophy

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Our Mission is:

Inspiring hope and contributing to health and well-being by providing the best care to every client.

Our Goals – to support clients in achieving the following:

  • Holistic healing
  • Re connection and family rebuilding
  • Self-acceptance and forgiveness
  • Help clients to live a substance free life

Our Objectives are to provide:

  • A non-judgmental, supportive, safe and tranquil atmosphere
  • Effective, efficient and affordable treatment

Our Philosophy is to promote:

  • Serenity and right living, through spiritual principles, courage, open-mindedness and wisdom
  • Realisation of dreams for all clients, their families and staff
  • Service to others
  • A learning organization that shows continual growth and improvement among clients, staff and the organization as a whole

Inner Peace is dedicated to looking at the whole person, which includes the family, workplace, and life context. We strive to offer trauma-informed and evidence based (scientifically proven to be effective) services to address the difficulties a person may be experiencing, and supporting them in changing their lives for the better. In order to do this, we provide services that are longer and more affordable, unlike most services that are not affordable and of short duration’s (21 to 30 days). Our longer treatment duration of 4 to 6 months promotes better long-term outcomes, while still being affordable.

By supporting and guiding our clients through a full continuum of care, our clients will be in the best position to succeed in their life changing experience. This is something that other facilities in the addiction industry are unable to do. We even strive in the long term to provide even longer support, through exploration of expansion of the therapeutic community approach, into long term habilitation (work re-entry) and housing programs.

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