Patient Testimonials

“When I came into Inner Peace I was messed up weighing only 68KG and looked terrible due to my drug use. I then got stuck into the programme and started my process of recovery; I did all the work that was presented to me alongside the MRT programme. After sometime I was moved unto the secondary phase of the programme where I was given responsibilities and developed leadership skills. Overall I thank Inner Peace for all the help and support, I am now a totally changed person and had a lot of fun in the process.”

“After Multiple stints in rehab I had lost hope in the possibility of obtaining the recovery I saw in others, my stay at Inner Peace has not only given me the freedom from active drug abuse but a new outlook and way of life. Today I live a life worth living thanks to the MRT Programme run at Inner Peace.”

“I am eternally grateful to Inner Peace for giving me a home to find myself and to learn the life skills that are necessary for me to live a great life!”