Thairee Shelby-Rose De Jager

Facility Manager

Thairee2 - Thairee

Thairee Shelby-Rose de Jager has been part of the Inner Peace team since the launch of the Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Center in 2015. Thairee has studied administration management and is also a qualified Health and Beauty Care professional. Thairee has over 15 years experience in team management and is the Facility Manager at Inner Peace. She works closely with the clients family members, to support their healing while promoting client healing processes during their stay at Inner Peace. As the manager of the facility, she ensures the optimal running occurs so that clients get the best standard care. This has always guaranteed the three-star grading of the facility and supporting its growth and professional standards.

Besides administration and management responsibilities, Thairee works closely with the clinical team when it comes to all admittances and applications, ensuring that the admittance process is easy and stress-free for the families and sponsors. This is achieved through her holistic and kind-hearted approach when it comes to dealing with the patients and family members, giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are always well cared for.