Transcendence of a substance use disorder

Inner Peace is known for innovative, outside-the-box therapy, and this is more than psycho-analytical groups – therapy is also out of the group rooms – outdoors. The physical therapeutic benefits of outdoor activities are increasingly becoming part of the daily Program here.

For instance, this past Sunday – a group of about sevenclients on the program took their own initiative and decided to walk to thedam, about a 1Km walk to the outskirts of the town of Fraserburg.

The result was sheer playfulness – a result the therapistscould not have planned or anticipated.

In fact, they were not even there, and maybe this is whatenabled the clients to experience this degree of freedom and spontaneity.

A group of adults suffering and fighting to transcend their substance use disorders.

This spontaneity was experienced in mud fights, falling inthe muddy water – no longer caring about outward appearance, just enjoyinginnocent mud wrestling. Burying each other in the mud – described as atherapeutic way to get rid of personal negative energy, like a mud applicationat a spa? Same concept?

Yes, there were mud masks – there was laughter – there was apureness experienced, to quote a participant:

“I don’t feel like I have a substance use disorder-Ifelt like a child of the wind”.

“To play in the mud, it was an amazing liberatingexperience.”

“I felt free from the world”

“I felt free from everything”

“The mud itself was rejuvenating, the experience oflaughter and bonding, and beauty and fun was Powerful and healing.”

“My spirit was free”.

“I experienced child like fun again, free of my substance use disorder”.

“I don’t know when I have ever laughed so much.”

This is what the clinical director of Inner Peace, Johann, refers to as transcending our substance use disorders – THE ULTIMATE AIM OF THE PROGRAM HERE AT INNER PEACE.