Facility Rules


On admission, all residents will follow a set of ‘essential commitments’ that ensure that they get the best out of treatment and ensure that the community remains a safe environment for everyone. As a registered Addiction Treatment Centre, with a Practice Number at the Board of Healthcare Funders (Practice Number: 047 001 0746320,), the facility needs to promote an environment that is safe, in order for residents to heal.

The core house rules always remain unchanged; however, additions made by the community are reviewed weekly in the community meeting.

The core house rules are as follows, each resident will:

  1. Remain abstinent from all mood-altering substances throughout their time in treatment. To ensure the center remains a drug-free environment, residents understand that they will be required to leave the program if they use substances. They will be supported through this process and staff will work with them to find appropriate move-on accommodation where possible.
  2. Refrain from criminal activity, violence and threatening behavior throughout their time in treatment. To ensure the safety of the treatment community, residents understand that they will be discharged should they commit serious acts of criminal activity, violence or threatening behavior.
  3. Constructively challenge unhelpful or destructive behavior in their peers. Residents recognize that colluding with behavior such as substance use, criminal activity, violence or threatening behavior may compromise their safety and that of their peers.
  4. Refrain from using verbal abuse, including discriminatory, racist, sexist or homophobic language. Residents understand that anger is an everyday, human emotion but they will seek constructive ways of expressing it. They will also refrain from using offensive language around the center and community.
  5. Refrain from starting exclusive, intimate or sexual relationships throughout their time in treatment. Residents recognise that this may be a real temptation, particularly during difficult times in treatment; however, they will seek support from their peers and counselor if they experience difficulty with this. Residents understand that pornography is not permitted whilst in treatment.
  6. Not visit alcohol stores, shebeens, pubs, clubs or gambling establishments throughout their time in treatment. Residents recognise that these environments may be risky to their recovery and commit to staying clear of them. There may be occasions when they need to visit a licenced premises, however, they will seek guidance from their peers and counselor before proceeding.
  7. Commit to completing assignment work and other treatment-related tasks within agreed timescales. This may include, 12 step assignment work, SES sheets, goals group paperwork and work associated with my care plan goals. If they experience difficulty with this, they will seek support from their peers and counselor.
  8. Attend daily mutual-aid meetings. Groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous will provide essential support throughout their time in treatment and beyond.
  9. Treat the building and its contents with respect. Residents will refrain from smoking in communal areas and will not eat or drink in group sessions. They will take an active role in community duties and look after their living environment.
  10. Attend all elements of the program and will arrive on time for sessions. If a resident is unable to attend, for any reason, they will discuss this with staff in advance. They understand that if they are late, they will not be allowed to enter the session.
  11. Maintain confidentiality at all times. This means residents will not discuss issues shared in sessions with those outside of the treatment community. Exceptions to this may include meetings with their probation officer or funder. If unsure, they will seek guidance from their counselor.
  12. Observe the procedures outlined in the Resident Handbook. Residents will ensure they have read and understood the Handbook. If they experience difficulty with any aspect of it, they will approach their peers and counselor for guidance.
disenfranchised youth on a hill - Facility Rules

Along with these, residents are to abide by the following:

  • honesty in word and deed.

  • service and volunteerism.

  • responsible concern.

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