Family Treatment

Family Intervention Programme


Inner Peace believes that the family is an important part of every client’s recovery. Not only this, every family itself needs to go through a healing process. We believe that those who struggle with a substance use disorder or a disease of addiction do not struggle alone. The disease affects and includes the entire family system. It affects each family member at the same level as it does the individual, “just differently” therefore; we support and treat the whole family system.

In addition to offering family therapy sessions when families visit Fraserburg, our family program is also offered online via conference Skype calls. We also promote the use of skype calls and WhatsApp calls, over telephone calls. We believe it is important for family to stay in contact and see each other, despite the distances.

When working with families the Inner Peace team understands how substance use has affected the loved ones. We help family members to understand the disease and how to develop healthy coping strategies, while gaining appropriate support to deal with their own suffering.

Individual Family Work

Skype or individually family therapy sessions (when families visit Inner Peace) are offered under the discretion of the client, the family and the primary therapist. These may include participation with anyone significant in the client’s life such as a spouse, significant other, parent, or sibling.

Family Educational Groups

Inner Peace believes that education about the disease of addiction and related issue is critically important to help families understand the disease of addiction. Due to distance this often is a challenge; however, we use Skype or other online sessions to engage with families.
For some families whose loved ones are not yet ready for residential treatment, we provide online support to assist them in addressing family dynamics, which could support the substance user in moving towards addressing their substance use.


Family members are allowed to visit.