Patient Testimonials

“Inner Peace is a haven and sanctuary of unity and sobriety, with a togetherness of united Peace and Love. The tranquil naturistic environment and settings allow for a labyrinth of harmony and equilibrium for all to benefit from the beautiful surroundings. The mentors are indeed the empowerment and continued success stories of the MRT program, and thus continue to strive to be an inspiration for all – a community of heartfelt ways carry this sanctuary to higher aspirations to serve the greater good of humanitarian service to life and all who aspire and endeavour to succeed in a fulfilled life of sobriety. A wonderful journey in a life with Peace, Harmony, Respect, and Love; a place to rebuild Hope.”

“The therapy and environment has changed my perception for the better due to an extremely knowledgable therapist. The environment is nurturing and very conducive to mental health and recovery.”

Inner Peace has been a life changing experience for me. I have spent all of 2019 here and I am still loving it.

Before I came to Inner Peace I could not talk in a group setting, or to my therapists. All that changed for me here.

Inner Peace is unlike any other facility that I’ve been too. It’s amazing.”

“I came to Inner Peace broken, can’t even remember coming through the gates. Now I am sitting here 18 weeks later,looking back at the person I was then and who I am now. I still have the same name and was born on the same date, my ID number is still the same, but I am not the same guy anymore. It’s not just my body that has healed this time. I was told and shown how to fix the way I was thinking. MRT built me into a new man and I was given time to just be myself, to the point where I can now say I love myself. I got 5 Star treatment.”

“My time at inner Peace has been nothing short of brilliant. After going to many institutions, I have never experienced anything like it. It has given me the freedom to be myself, without judgement.  I’ve never been anywhere so caring. I grew by leaps and bounds. I came to find the real me and love myself in every way. I came to understand my mistakes and forgive myself and others for theirs. It is by far the best institution I have been to. I freed myself from anxiety and SUD. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with Substance Abuse Disorder.”

“This facility offers long-term treatment like no other. This being due to the exceptional dedication from the clinical team, management, and ground staff. Allowing for individually tailored processes and the application of the scientifically evidence-based MRT program, each patient gets therapy applicable to them. This is a tough program as the clinicians get to the root cause of your diagnosis, no matter how uncomfortable it gets. The sense of community is outstanding. This, combined with the advanced therapeutic techniques and experience (real life experience) and actual caring of the patient does not allow for a single person who wants real help to fly under the radar.

If you want to change your lifestyle, this is the only program that will give a person with a Substance Abuse Disorder the tools to become a survivor, not another sad statistic.”

“Inner Peace has taught me so much. Such as learning that truth is the only way of life. It taught me to be self-disciplined and more independent. Inner Peace is way different to any other rehab. It has really changed me. I am learning new things daily.”

“There’s a great deal of wisdom in this program. I learned a lot of positive behavior, and to make the right decisions. MRT has given me goals, motivation, and beliefs.

Inner Peace is like home to me. I feel loved and I can trust all my therapists and share my darkest and deepest feelings with them and my peers. I also trust that I will find my inner peace here.

The staff is very dedicated. We get three nice meals, hot water, and a nice room. I can ask for advice anytime.”

“I arrived at Inner Peace on a Tuesday afternoon, frail, broken, and very afraid. I was petrified at yet another rehab – how could another institution heal my broken spirit?

From the moment I put two feet on Inner Peace my fears became less. I was received with the most loving welcome – hugs of hope, love, and joy – I knew I had arrived “home”.

I’m only half way through my treatment, however, my therapy has already been proven to me – I can finally sit with my feelings and talk to someone 24/7. There is no problem too big or small – learning MRT and actually living the program has given me the tools of honesty, trust, and acceptance. These are three pivotal words to live by for the rest of my life.

I have the utmost respect and trust in Inner Peace’s ethos – this is not a rehab it’s a place of spiritual healing – connecting every aspect of my life and gluing it back together like a puzzle.

Thank you for guidance and making me realise that it is worth living. I chose to be alive thanks to Johann and his chosen team.”

“Inner Peace is the most amazing place of healing. Here you can truly become one with yourself and find inner peace within. I love it here, to me its home. Our group and therapy sessions are so enlightening, and help us reconnect and grow.

The MRT process has helped me so much; to be truly honest with myself and others, and to accept the past, and the things I cannot change.

The staff is totally committed and dedicated, working long hours, and always being there for every need.

We have beautiful cosy rooms and receive three delicious warm meals a day.

Inner Peace is truly a spiritual place, and a place of healing.”

“Arriving at Inner Peace was like a Godsend for me. MRT has changed my life. Inner Peace is a place of healing, but so much more. It’s not a ‘rehab” to me, but a place of love, warmth, and support.

I feel so at home. We are all like a family. The therapists, medical team, and support staff are here 24/7 to cater for my well-being, support, and recovery, which I am truly grateful for. The group therapy is excellent and inspiring. I’m not only working on myself, but gaining a better perspective of the damage I caused to myself, and the affect it had on my loved ones.

MRT has changed my life. It’s like nothing I’ve ever learnt before, it’s a lifestyle. I feel the freedom to work on myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally, with integrity. I just wish that every SUD out there had the opportunity to learn, grow, and live MRT. I am truly grateful to feel a whole person again. It’s given me a life purpose again, and me truly realise that that addiction is life or death. I choose life.”

“When I came into Inner Peace I was messed up weighing only 68KG and looked terrible due to my drug use. I then got stuck into the programme and started my process of recovery; I did all the work that was presented to me alongside the MRT programme. After some time I was moved unto the secondary phase of the programme where I was given responsibilities and developed leadership skills. Overall I thank Inner Peace for all the help and support, I am now a totally changed person and had a lot of fun in the process.”

“After Multiple stints in rehab I had lost hope in the possibility of obtaining the recovery I saw in others, my stay at Inner Peace has not only given me the freedom from active drug abuse but a new outlook and way of life. Today I live a life worth living thanks to the MRT Programme run at Inner Peace.”

“I am eternally grateful to Inner Peace for giving me a home to find myself and to learn the life skills that are necessary for me to live a great life!”

“Arriving at Inner Peace I felt lost and afraid, a hopeless wanderer, searching for relief from the demons I twisted for myself. For a long time my way of going about life was in the quickest and easiest manner. Lazy and self-centred, all I wanted was instant gratification in order to feed my own egotistic desires, an easy way out, a quick solution to any problem. I was willing to do anything it took so as not to face the suffering and pain I inflicted on myself and onto others. I have learnt at Inner Peace that in order for me to beat my addiction I will have to practice patience, discipline and forgiveness, realising that time heals all wounds, emotional and physical. I have learnt that my substance use disorder is an enduring battle, but also that with each day I am sober, I gain added strength to take on my challenges and attain my goals. Inner Peace has given me the opportunities and tools to live a fulfilled life for me and my loved ones. I am honouring these gifts daily.

Lies and deceit remained a big disposition of mine for many years, so much so that I became a master manipulator at a very young age. Guilt and shame fueled my dishonesty and with this created various masks that I wore to cover my identity. Lying to myself and to others, I had destroyed my inner self. From day one at Inner Peace, honesty was imparted on me, this honesty became the foundation of my journey to recovery. Being honest with myself about the fact that I didn’t have all the answers, that I need assistance, that I did live a life of disloyalty, I learnt that no matter how big or small, a lie is a lie. I now welcome the fact that I do need to be held accountable by rules within my environment, this builds trust inside me and others.

“Do the next best right thing and the next best right thing happens”. A beautiful motto to which I now live by. For me there is no greater feeling in knowing that I am doing the best for myself here and now and for my future, this gives me motivation to keep on moving forward in my recovery, a self-worth that was absent in my life. In being truly appreciative for what I have, I no longer play the victim, I can now focus on my positives and realise that I have a lot to live for. I live in service of myself which in turn allows me to be in service of others, I do so by sharing my newly found knowledge, to give back to my community in any which way possible whether it be serving someone a warm meal or even just a warm smile. Helping others gives me determination and a true sense of joy.

Love, an extremely expressive word, a complex emotion which until recently I never truly understood, I have learnt now that love is an action too and that actions do speak louder than words. I allegedly love my enemies, yet I persecute them, how can I do so when for many years my own worst enemy was the man in the mirror, myself. Through showing love for myself, I am no longer the enemy, I believe now that I am an individual with purpose and value. Compassion for myself has lifted the guilt and shame off my neck, liberating me of pointless baggage, this has been one of the many valuable lessons I have learnt at Inner Peace. Another skill I have learnt is to be mindful of my environment and the people in it, mindfulness is a way of life for me, an important part of my being, without mindfulness, all else will fail. Being mindful of myself and of others has given me the ability to make wise mind decisions from an emotional and rational point of view, I use mindfulness to check-in with myself thus identifying my emotions for what they truly are, making it easier to process and regulate through challenging situations I may encounter, realising that I need not shy away from my emotions; I embrace them for I know that emotions no longer influence my actions.

At Inner Peace we have a set routine of waking up every morning before 07:30 which allows us enough time before we eat breakfast to complete our house duties and settle down for various therapy sessions and activities. With this structure in place, we develop valuable skills and gain stability that has been missing in our lives. In order for me to live my life with healthy habits, I want stability, thus giving me more control over my day, and to help alleviate any unwelcome surprises and worries that might jeopardise my recovery process. One of my favourite activities at Inner Peace is to do physical exercise, while in active use of substances, I neglected my body and health tremendously. I am proud of the way my body looks today; it is my temple that I care for, I have learnt to respect my body, to not destroy it and to not let anything else destroy it, I am mindful of what goes into my body, for my body and mind deserve only the best.

My time at Inner Peace has been a rebirth for me, like a lamb that was lost, but now is found. I believe in a higher power; I believe that I have no right to judge myself or others erroneously. I believe it is fate that has brought me to Inner Peace, I now accept the things in my past that I cannot change, and I pray for the strength to change the things that I can. I have faith in the knowledge I have received and faith in my abilities for I am truly living my life and not only surviving in it. My God sees my actions when nobody else does. My God hears my thoughts when nobody else can. My God guides me when nobody else will. I am blessed to have found God once again and this gives me Inner Peace.”

“Inner Peace gave me a second chance at life. After my 3 months of being a patient I was brought on board and joined the Inner Peace team as a student. They have since then only supported me and my studies in the field of substance abuse and in psychology. I am eternally grateful for my Inner Peace family.”

“Being part of the Inner Peace family is an absolute privilege and honor. The amazing transformations I have seen in patients are mind blowing.”

“Inner Peace has given my life purpose and meaning.The support I have received from Johan the clinical director is the support I have been searching for now for years.Thank you Johan and Inner Peace for welcoming me into your recovery family.I cannot put into words what my program has meant to me along with your acceptance.You made me believe in ME again. xxxxx”

“Inner Peace is the leading treatment centre in South Africa in terms of offering an evidence based recovery program for the treatment of GHB addiction which is becoming an epidemic in South Africa,and is presently misunderstood in the medical field.
Not only is their area of expertise GHB addiction,but also all other substances of abuse.
Inner Peace is saving lives in an area of addiction that is very misunderstood at the moment in other rehabilitation centres in South Africa at present.”

“An Awesome facility with experienced staff that go the extra mile to deliver an cost effective service based on each individual’s needs.”

“I love Inner peace. It changed my life.”

“Inner Peace saved my life before I even knew it was worth saving.”

“Johan LIversage and Inner Peace saved my life.Before walking through these doors I was existing, not living, because I had no way out of my substance use disorder. Johan took me by the hand and taught me the tools to find my Inner Self at Inner Peace with his extensive knowledge of MRT-MORAL RECONATION THERAPY.
Without Inner Peace I would not be sitting here this evening writing this.
I am now a better father.
I am now a better son.
I am now a better brother.
With sincere love and gratitude to Inner Peace.”