The Daily Treatment Programme


The Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Centre has designed a Daily Treatment Programme that embeds the overall treatment into an effective operational addiction treatment regime that develops the safe community environment.

Each element has been carefully planned to ensure that the core components of the scientific evidence based programmes are in place and operationalized so as to guide each client through the therapeutic processes. The programme uses evidence-based substance use disorder and addiction interventions, such as Moral Reconnation Therapy (MRT), the 12 Step model of recovery as developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and the Motivational Interviewing (MI). These approaches have been specifically selected due to their proven effectiveness at treating addictions and promoting attitude and behaviour change.

Counselling room - The Daily Addiction Treatment Programme

The 12 Step model that is incorporated into the programme, recognises addiction as a ‘disease’ and promotes recovery based upon spiritual principles. The programme is not affiliated to any religious doctrine; however, clients who have particular religious requirements are supported to continue this whilst in treatment.

The programme also utilizes a Therapeutic Communities approach which supports staff and clients to play an active role in the running of the treatment community. We encourage collective openness and sharing in order to maintain a supportive, therapeutic environment in which individuals can achieve their goals. It is important to take note that the therapeutic processes are not only embedded in the structure, but are heavily guided by the Therapeutic community approach of “community context as method.” This ensures that the very interactions and process within the facility are therapeutic opportunities and are considered as part of the daily treatment plan.

This planner is designed in an open format, to accommodate the intake of new clients to be able to enter the treatment facility and take part in therapeutic groups without missing any sections.